About us

Black Lighting Design specialize in architectural lighting for public spaces, interior as well as exterior. Since its establishment in 2010, we have formed a personable office with handpicked skills, which together create a strong and dynamic whole. We work with short decision paths and efficient work processes, allowing us to focus more on project quality and development of customized concepts.


We are passionate about the role of light in the design process. We want to use light as a tool to create vital spaces that make people feel good and comfortable. It involves taking into account both the physiological and psychological factor in mankind. But just as importantly, it involves constantly challenging expectations and perceptions of both ourselves and others, as well as continuously striving to develop light as a tool. We want to manage the trust of our clients in the best possible way. We do this by being a stable partner that continuous to deliver high-quality material to each project and which ultimately succeed in portraying spaces that are inspiring, easy to maintain and economical.


In everyday life, we work both theoretically and practically. The work is largely produced digitally in form of descriptive documents, drawings and illustrations. In addition, we always undertake practical testing of our lighting solutions to ensure a high level of quality. This can be done in the office where the fixtures are compared and evaluated, but in some cases full-scale tests are built to test advanced solutions. We perform on site light tests if possible. This is partly to assure the quality of our concepts, but also to involve clients and end users to a greater degree. We believe in an open and participatory process where a close dialogue between designers, clients and end users permeates the work.