Kompassen aktivitetspark

The park is the largest investment Lidingö have made so far on a playground. Topia landscape architects have stepped into the open meadows where the hills with outcrops protrude and form different spatial units and creating nice outlooks.

The design is inspired by the meadow was formerly a water-filled bay with protruding islands. Logs, natural materials, sand and huts reminiscent of deserted islands and shipwrecks. Wooden play equipment has been fitted into the undulating nature of the ground. Equipment Property in hard materials has received a signal color yellow that makes visitors get an overview of the walkways and places. The lighting consists of spotlights mounted on masts which highlights and dramatises each location and activity.

Länk till projektet


Lidingö municipality

Landscape architect:

Topia landscape architechts

Lighting designers:

Alexander Cederroth

Completed year:


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