The viewpoint is a spectacular place where all people can meet; an urban place with scenic qualities. It can be seen from above, from Rinkeby; but above all from the field and from the Kistah team.

The inside of the wooden structure is illuminated, which means that the viewpoint seen from the field stands out as a chip lantern. A seating parquet in the form of long steps allows many to sit in a row and also to orient themselves to different weather strokes. These are also illuminated with soft warm accentuating light.
The surface layer of the site is drawn up and forms the carrier, against which you can lean and look out over the field. Inside the vantage point are several social rooms of different nature. The lighting is based on a cold neutral functional light from the master, placed in line with the trees so as not to disturb the view. Low warm and soft light announces intimate room formations and low vertical room elements such as benches and cladding walls.


Stockholms Stad Trafikkontoret

Landscape architect:

Thorbjörn Andersson SWECO

Completed year:


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