Rubber factory Värnamo

With more than 1000 employees, the old rubber factory of Trelleborg Building Company was once the main work supplier in Värnamo. To name a few, the company was developing air tubes, galosh, shoes, boots, ice hockey pucks, etc. The factory shut down in the beginning of the new millennium.

The building Trelleborg rubber factory was Värmland's largest workplace with up to a thousand employees. Among the products manufactured at the plant include: bicycle tubes, galoshes, shoes, boots, hockey pucks and moldings. Around the year 2000, operations were discontinued.


Visby North Cemetery

Cemeteries are particularly considered as important places in Sweden. They are green oases and meaningful places for both people and animals. One of those is Visby Northern cemetery located by the Baltic Sea in northern Visby, Gotland.

Cemeteries are considered to be clear and important place in the city. They are green oases and important places for both people and animals. An example of this is Visby Northern cemetery. It is located north of the city not far from the sea.